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Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen and Dewatering Screen

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen and Dewatering Screen

Sieve Bend Screen, Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Sieve Bend Screen and Dewatering Screen

Steellong company could provide all kinds of sieve bend screen. We can product the sieve bend screen according to your requirement, such as the size, slot, radian and so on.

The screen machine include the single layer screen and double layer screen. Please inform us the size, slot, the form of the screen edge, and the angle when you sending enquiry.
The stainless steel welded screen usually used in many industry, they are used for sieving,filteration, dehydrant, desliming etct. The advantage of the stainless steel welded wedge wire screen is High strength, high stiffness and bearing capacity, so they could be producted into many forms of the sieve and filteration equipment.

Advanced welding rapid prototyping are used for the wedge wire screen production, the advantage of the wedge wire screen is high screening effciency, high tensile strength and high aseismicity, low maintenance cost and long service life. They are usually used for dehydration, desliming and so on. For example: reciprocating sieve plate, the slot size we can product is 0.05-45mm, usually, we can product as clients’ request.

The Advantage Of Steellong Wedge Wire Screen
1.High screening efficiency and large-tonnage
2.Hign accuracy
3.The screen don’t loading, long service life.
4.Widely applicable fineness
5.Easy to maintaining

Material: Stainless Steel Wedge Wire 302、304、307、304L、316、316L、904L and so on.

Stainless Steel Welding Wedge Wire Screens are made by the wedge wire and support bar. We have many kinds of support bar: rond bar, triangle bar, wedge bar. Accurate Aperture size and high filtration precision is the main characteristic.
The character of the wedge wire screen: Stable, High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance, long service life, security and reliable. This kind of screen could be used for filtering many kinds of media
The material of the wedge wire screen are high quality stainless steel(302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L,904 and so on). This kind of screen are different with the stainless steel woven wire mesh, they have better perference in skid resistance, hardness, permanently resiliency, good compreddive property, aseismicity, anti-corrosion, difficult blocking, long service life, reliable, low comprehensive cost and son on. And you can choose the slot, sizem shap ect according to your requirement.

Steellong  introducing advanced technology and specialized equipment and tools.Rigorous production process and strict quality contral system to make sure all the products are in high quality in lowest cost. We can according to your requirment to supply you different kinds of wedge wire screen, such as the length, width, filter rate, adding the flanges and so on.

Steellong  supply you the best stainless steel sieve bend wedge wire screen, dewatering screen. Welcome to contact with us if anything in need.

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