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Steellong sample policy

Steellong sample policy

In order to give our customer a clear image of the product, Steellong is ready to send samples if required. Sample policies are as follows:

I. Free samples: small pieces of woven wire cloth(if stock available),perforated metal(if stock available) expanded metal(if stock available)(such as A4 size smaller or bigger) is free of charge. But for fine mesh,depends on the different situation,certain cost might be collected.

II. Paid samples: for certain quantity of woven wire mesh, wire fence, and other finished wire mesh products such as wire mesh basket,metal filters,BBQ grills,knitted wire mesh mist eliminator,sieving mesh,wire mesh containers,wire mesh skimmers,speaker grills,fan guards,fire guards etc. certain production cost will be collected. However, there might be certain stock for above-mentioned products, under this circumustances, sample fees might not be collected.

III. The possible sample fees might include: material cost, mould cost,labour cost,express cost. As a rule, the customer needs to pay the material cost,mould cost(if necessary) and express mail cost.

IV. As a practice, all sample fees will be duducted from the future payment of the customer(unless otherwise stated).

V. Steellong can collect sample fees by T/T or paypal.

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