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Welded Mesh

Welded Mesh for the Building and Construction Industries

Guarding and protecting are two important areas in the building trades where mesh is invaluable. Safety guards on scaffolding, tree guards, window guards, and motorway bridge parapet guards are just a few examples. Protection of people and property is becoming more and more important in days of increasing vandalism.

Welded mesh is ideal for bridge parapet guards on motorways and dual carriageways. It provides a secure barrier in addition to being compatible with other materials used in bridge construction.
A major area of concern when refurbishing is the restoration of cracked plaster, render, damaged stone or brickwork. On many occasions it is impossible to remove existing material to form a key without structural damage. The application of a layer of welded mesh of the existing surface to provide a mortar reinforcement prior to the final surface coat can often be the answer.
Welded Mesh for Industry

Welded mesh provides safety wherever moving machinery is involved. As machine guards or fixed safety barriers, welded mesh provides visibility together with all the protection the Health & Safety Acts require.

Wherever security is needed, welded mesh is an ideal in-fill for stores partitions, despatch areas, lockers, window guards, perimeter fencing, and similar barriers against unwanted intruders.

Welded Mesh for Agriculture & Horticulture
Weld mesh is extremely versatile for all sorts of applications in the farming industry. On the Poultry, Rabbit and Mink industries it is used for rearing cages. However one of the most extensive applications is for animal enclosures and not just round the farms, but in zoos, kennels, aviaries and catteries. It is also used for making silo bins, ventilation and drying ducks, trailer sides, retaining panels for barns, gates and fencing.
Horticulture industries also use weldmesh for greenhouse staging, shelving, trays, plant protection, treeguards and fruit cages. It is also used for grading and sizing of all farming produce.


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