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Square Cake Cooling Rack
Square Cake Cooling Rack
  • Category:Wire Mesh Products
  • Material:Stainless steel wire with nonstick material
  • Properties:Wire Mesh Products
  • Application:Kitchen,Baking Room
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Square Cake Cooling Rack

Square Cake Cooling Rack functions as a way to cool down baked goods, and a handy place to store baked goods until you serve, frost or pack them. Cooling racks come in many different sizes and are usually made of metal. Small metal bars run across the rack, allowing air to circulate not only on top of cookies or cakes, but also underneath them. The rack may also have bars running in both directions or be composed of fine metal net if you're cooling small items.

Sizes of cooling racks vary considerably.Single racks be great for cooling a batch of cookies, cupcakes, or a single layer of a layer cake. Other cooling racks have several tiers or levels, and are frequently collapsible so they don’t take up much space when stored. These are great for shorter items, like a batch of cookies for instance, though many feel that the heat from each rack may increase cooling time.

Nonstick square cooling rack is prefect to use for almost all baked goods to allow them to cool off and stop the baking process. That's one of the keys to getting cookies and mini cakes that are moist but thoroughly cooked. Leave them on or in the pan for even a minute or two longer than necessary and you will end up with something that could be a little dry around the edges.
This cooling rack with small gridlines, this way cookies don't fall apart when they are placed on it if they are the moist, chewy kind. It is strong enough to support things like loaves of bread and other baked goods

Use this cooling rack for cookies, pies, cakes and other baked goods. The gridded area allows desserts to cool properly, preventing any "sweating" that sometimes occurs.

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