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Stainless Steel Adjustable Roasting Rack
Stainless Steel Adjustable Roasting Rack
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  • Material:Stainless Steel Wire
  • Properties:Wire Mesh Products
  • Application:Roasting
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Adjustable V-racks have two sides that can be adjusted to change the width of the V that they form. This allows you to better fit the rack to the meat you are placing on it. A problem may occur if you have to turn the roast or bird on the rack because the rack has a tendency to collapse.
Roasting rack is a slightly raised rack usually made of stainless steel or a non stick coated metal. It elevates meat above the pan in which it is roasting. The availability of these racks prevent the meat from cooking in any drippings and allows adequate air circulation for even cooking and browning.

Roasting rack allows excess fat to drain away from the food. It also helps the meat to hold its shape and cook more evenly. These racks are available in a range of shapes and sizes to hold various types of meats, poultry, fish and other food.

Adjustable V-Shaped Roasting Rack are generally made from stainless steel or a non-stick coated metal, which makes clean up a lot easier.

Adjustable V-Shaped Roasting Rack is a Stainless steel roasting rack with a non-stick coating. The rack has an indentation in the centre and deep lifting handles to keep the meat securely in place when moving it to and from the oven.

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