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Wire Mesh Filter
Wire Mesh Filter
  • Category:Wire Mesh Products
  • Material:Perforated Stainless Steel,Stainless Steel Woven Mesh
  • Properties:Mesh Filter
  • Application:Filter,Filter Element
Wire MeshWire Mesh
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Steellong provide a wide range of Wire Mesh Filter, which are popularly made by perforated metal and woven wire mesh. Different types of the mesh filter can meet different needs.

Woven Wire Cloth of different materials, mesh count & weave designs can be cut into any practical shape like square, circular, rectangular or oblong pieces and can be fabricated, to the given dimensions, into finished form such as 'rimmed bound multi-layer,multi-mesh screens',multi-layer,multi-mesh cylindrical tubes','conical shaped product like cone classifier etc.,to suit individual application of filtration/separation of different materials in solid-solid,solid-liquid or solid-gasious forms   

Fabrication Range
In house tooling facilities enable us to manufacture filters, strainers, cylindrical tubes, filter discs, filter leaves, test sieves, gaskets, filter pads etc. to the customer's specifications. In addition to woven wire cloth, knitted wire mesh and perforated metal screens are also used extensively in the fabrication of products like column packings, filter packs, demister pad mist eliminator , etc. to meet specific processing demands of the Industries.

Salient Features 
Multi-layer, multi-mesh filter screens as per customer's requirements. Widest possible range from 20 mesh to 500 mesh, up to 2 microns. Chioce of different materials like stainless steel and non-ferrous metals like phosphor bronze, nickel etc. Extra strong & sturdy with superior mechanical strength. Higher chemical resistance & heat stability with excellent durability.

Steellong are specialised in the Wire Mesh Filter which could satisfy you.

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