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Micron Filtering Mesh 100x100
Micron Filtering Mesh 100x100
  • Category:Woven Wire Cloth
  • Material:stainless steel wire 304 316 316L
  • Properties:wire mesh 100*100 Plain weave and Dutch Weave
  • Application:Filtering cloth Filter Filteration
Wire MeshWire Mesh
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Filter grade cloth is woven in the Dutch weave ( see Types of Weaves). The resulting mesh is very firm and strong, providing accurate filtration at high pressures and flow rates.

Stainless Steel Type 304/304L Filter Cloth
It is an austenitic, non-magnetic, thermally nonhardenable economical stainless steel. It resists most oxidizing acids, withstands all ordinary rusting, and is immune to foodstuffs, sterilizing solutions, most organic chemicals and dyestuffs, and a wide variety of organic chamicals, but resists poorly halogen acids.

Stainless Steel Type 316/316L Filter Cloth
It is similiar to Type 304 but distiguished primarily by the addition of molybdenum which significantly increases it's corrosion resistance. Type 316 can withstand corrosive attack by sodium and calcium brines, hypochlorite solutions, phosphoric, sulfurous, and acetic acids, and the hostile environment oft the body when used for implant.

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