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Woven wire cloth cut pieces discs slitting
Woven wire cloth cut pieces discs slitting
  • Category:Woven Wire Cloth
  • Material:Woven wire cloth
  • Properties:
  • Application:Filters or grills for beehives or sieves.
Wire MeshWire Mesh
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Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Cut Pieces
Steellong can offer cut pieces of any size and quantity using whatever material  that you require.
These can be packed in quantities according to your specifications and we will strive to ensure your product reaches you damage free.
There are numerous uses for cut pieces, they could be used for filters or grills for beehives for example, or sieves.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Discs
Steellong offer a range of sizes from 1mm up to 100mm in diameter using any of the material we have listed.
They can be packed in any quantity requested by you.
There is a vast range of uses for discs, they are used in some plastic extrusion, pipe work and lighting for example.
As the mesh we supply can be cut to any size and some of the materials can be manipulated very easily there is an enormous range of tasks that mesh can be used for.

Stainless Steel Cloth Slitting

We are capable of manufacturing various stainless steel wire cloth discs, including different shapes and layers, which could meet your specific requiements.
We will cut anything in our inventory to your specifications. In some cases we have to charge for the entire stock size piece but we will always ask if we should ship the drops along with the finished part.

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