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Welded Fencing
  • Category:Wire Mesh Fence
  • Material: PVC Coated Wire Mesh
  • Properties: Welded wire mesh
  • Application: Security Fence
Wire Mesh
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Welded Fencing

Steellong welded fencing adds a new dimension to security, due to its rigid and robust construction.
Steellong has many fencing types which fit into the welded mesh catagory . Welded fencing systems offer a high visibility and cost effective solution and is ideal for school security fencing, sports pitch and tennis court fencing, commercial and retail outlet security fencing, ulitiies fencing etc. Steellong has wide ranging experience in the installation of VMesh designs such as Nyoflor and VGuard, Paladin, Ball Stop etc.

Welded mesh fencing systems provide a strong but elegant boundary fence without being a visual barrier. Heavy wires are electrically welded at each intersection to provide the security of a traditional welded mesh fence, while several reinforcement ribs fortify the panel rigidity. Many different styles and patterns of welded mesh panels and rolls are available and can be installed on any type of steel, concrete or even timber posts with either a galvanised or galvanised PVC coated finish in heights from 900 to 3000mm

Features of our Welded Mesh Fencing

Intersections are welded to form an integral non-collapsible barrier
Low maintenance costs
All wire is either lightly or fully pregalvanised
Fencing mesh is ideal for the installation of security alarm systems
Mesh can be crimped when installing the fencing on uneven ground
Also available with security spring anti-theft device
Mesh does not sag
Wires cannot be unravelled
Top and bottom wire spikes give added security.


If you can envision it,We can supply it.   TEL:0086-311-87878922 E-mail:sales@steellong.cn MSN:Service@Steellong.Cn
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