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what are the characteristics of the Johnson screen

Q: what are the characteristics of the Johnson screen?

Answer: in many industrial applications is composed entirely of metal wire woven wire mesh, the solid particles (catalyst, molecular sieve and filter) and the contact area of the screen, easy to plug in card and particles of metal wire mesh in the square holes caused by the pressure drop increases the device operation, maintenance is difficult however, the slit screen of solid particles and only two contact, so it is not easy to jam And stuck.

Slit screen and wire mesh structure and compares the advantages and disadvantages of
Slit screen has the following characteristics:
(1) opening range is larger, the opening rate is higher. 
(2) each cross point shaped metal wire and the support rod are welded, and high precision,
Accurate gap. 
(3) and the gap between only two continuous solid particles contact, no blockage.
(4) the surface is smooth, the catalyst wear is less, the particles are not easy to crush, and the surface of the screen is rough
Roughness can be as low as 6.3 M. 
(5) continuous gap and smooth surface, so that the smooth flow of catalyst.  
(6) from different dimensions and different specifications of special metal wire and the connecting rod with the screen strength together, if the operating conditions of heavy load, can be used to strengthen the connecting rod materials and large cross section, each joint tension can reach 2000 ~ 3000 N.   
(7) according to the requirements of the process, it has a large selection range.  
(8) long service life, easy installation, light weight, more economical.

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