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Plaster Repair With Fibergass Mesh

Plaster walls are made up of layers of plaster that are spread over a layer of wood, rock or metal. Cracks and cuts in plaster require the use of fiberglass mesh tape to help support the plaster repair. Joint compound is used in layers to build up the damaged area, which is then sanded smooth. Check the area around the wall, if it is soft or deteriorating call a professional.

1 Cut the crack with a utility knife so that the back of the crack is wider than the front. Brush away crumbling plaster with a rag. Press gently around the crack to check that the plaster is not soft.

2 Spread joint compound into the crack with a 6-inch putty knife. Press a strip of mesh tape into the joint compound over the crack so the joint compound oozes through holes in the tape. Smooth the compound over the tape to hold it in place with the putty knife.

3 Apply three thin layers of joint compound over the mesh tape with the 6-inch putty knife. Feather the edges of the layers with the putty knife. Allow the joint compound to dry to the manufacturer's recommendations.

4 Sand the patched area with fine-grit sand paper until the repair area is flush with the surrounding area. Prime and paint the repaired area to match the surrounding wall.

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